Empire State building, New York City, 1986


Thanks for visiting :-)  

I’m a Danish photographer/director based in Echo Park, Los Angeles where I live with my wife and daughter.

Like many other photographers, my interests are fueled by a simple curiosity for my immediate surroundings. Thus, and hopefully without sounding too pretentious, I’ve never seen the work as a ‘career’ but rather as my own spiritual journey.

That’s exactly what ties the various bodies of work featured on this site together. To some, the series may seem to vary in style and place, which they do, yet they’re all linked together since one body of work has opened the door to the next. In other words, I’m convinced the ‘projects’ (not a fan of that word) would not have presented themselves as opportunities without what came immediately before. But that’s probably life, right?
Oh! Then there’s also the odd and random family ties that bind it all together, but that’s a whole different story…

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to show work through both group and solo gallery exhibitions, mostly in Denmark and in Los Angeles, California. I’m also proud to have published a book Majestic (Gyldendal, 2015) and have my work featured in international publications such as The New York Observer, Der Spiegel, CNN, Paris Photo and many more.

I want to thank those of you who has supported me over the years, from opening doors to amazing worlds to buying books and prints.

Having taken few breaks from making new work, I hope to be able to take the time to show a lot more work in print over the foreseeable future.

If you want to receive my CV or have any questions or comments, including on how and where to buy prints, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

With lots of gratitude,

Los Angeles, 2023