Empire State building, New York City, 1986

Danish photographer based in Los Angeles.

Being a ‘walking’ photographer, I’m interested in the immediate landscape and the people that surround me. 
A body of work is rarily pre-planned/conceptualized/visualized but originates from a curiosity, a feeling, something I’m drawn to return to. 

I’ve been fortunate this approach has opened doors to secluded communities and places I’ve would never had had access if it wasn’t for the camera. From witnessing homicide detectives at work in the US South to the ice-clad, vast landscapes of Greenland, to working with the incredible dancers of The Royal Danish Ballet, Copenhagen to spending a month at sea, living among the crew of the biggest ship in the world.

The old saying ‘one thing leads to another’ is what link the works. It’s an attempt to communicate in a visual language fueled by internal, cultural references and visual artifacts, powered by the excitement of experiencing the beauty and quietness in a complex world that is quickly passing by.

First time exhibited work with the Greenland series at a group exhibition featuring Vanessa Praeger and Patrick Hoelck among others at the Soho House, Los Angeles, 2012.

Since, the work has been shown in both group and solo shows, predominantly in Los Angeles and my native Denmark on several occasions, including at the Lys over Lolland art fair, Martin Asbæk and Christoffer Egelund galleries.

The work has been featured in international publications such as Paris Photo, The New York Observer, CNN, Der Spiegel and more.

I remain grateful to the people who’ve opened their doors and hearts to as well as those who have supported my work over the years 🙏 

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Los Angeles, 2023