In the Spring of 2023, I received a special invitation to join a small group of well-respected scientists and writers operating in the UFO community. Their aim was to travel to New Mexico to meet up with the only remaining witness of what has been referred to as the first ‘recorded’ UFO crash in the US which (supposedly) happened in the state of New Mexico in 1947, about 30 miles from Trinity, the site of the first nuclear detonation conducted by Oppenheimer and his crew.

As these things go, the case has been heavily debated, with strong, vocal voices on both the ‘believing’ and ‘denying’ side. However, for me, meeting and listening to the witness (who was 9 years old when he witnessed the crash) was a profound experience. Looking into his eyes while listening to the stories and seeing how cases like this has affected a whole community and brought along its own culture was fascinating to witness while traveling this unique landscape.

Only months after did Christopher Nolan lift the drapes of secrecy about his upcoming movie ‘Oppenheimer’ - and not long after did the senate hearings commence, bringing in witnesses and ‘whistle blowers’, some of who claimed to have witnessed unexplainable sightings and that the government to this day held certain evidence hidden from the public.

Whether we’re alone or not remains an open question. The question that has remained with me is what have we actually learned since that first nuclear detonation went off in Trinity?